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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Family Tree Maker User Group Meeting 17 May 2014

Submitted by Ken Robison / FTM Group Leader

Here are the notes from our most recent meeting
 Together we know more than any of us alone.
FTM Users Group May 17 2014 

Getting into and out of trouble 

“Anyone can make a mistake to really mess things up you need a computer.” 

1. Open discussion              Questions, Problems, Issues or New Discoveries? 
2. Prepared discussion         Do you have two of the Same Tree?
    The Robison Taylor Family Tree.ftm
    The Robison Taylor Family Tree1.ftm

Step one Make a backup of both or all trees and name files so you can distinguish between/among them

Create Reports (In Publish)

1. Select “List of individuals Report”

                Review available reports

                        Click Create Report

                   Under List of Individual Report Options Individuals to include: All Individuals

             Set Report Title to File Name ( Robison Taylor Tree 1 Listing)

         Print out or save report to review and compare details to see if all individuals are in both trees

Note: To Switch between Reports Click on Collections to display available reports

2. Select “Media Usage Report”

Click Create Report

Under Media Usage Report Options Individuals to include: All Individuals 
There are many choices for Items to include and Filtering. Review the options and test 
effect by generating reports and see if anything is missing when items are selected or 

Note: Like in Individuals Report above Use Report Title to Identify the File (RobTay_FT1)

If you find that one file has different information or individuals you can merge those individual records into the tree you want to be your master or complete file.

Once you are confident that you have all the information in one file you can rename that file, back it up and if you are brave (or foolhardy?) delete the unwanted file. Hover over file name and select option. If you select Delete you will be prompted for your Ancestry password before deletion.
Once deleted the file cannot be recovered! 

Resources: FTM Help Menu/Tutorials, Online videos–You-tube FTM, google The Barefoot Genealogist great short topics

Beyond the Basics A Guide for Advanced Users of Family Tree Maker 2011 Pgs. 74-80
1. Creating a file from a PC for use on a Mac
        Knowledge Base on www.familytreemaker.com
              Click on Technical Support, enter “5313” in search to get Mac Migration Utility
2. Moving Tree to a new Computer
3. Maintaining a tree on Two Computers (e.g. Desktop and Laptop..Husband & Wife or Cousin on different computers.

See you next time at the FTM meeting...

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